War Robots MOD APK v 6.8.1 Download (Unlimited Money)

Excite yourself to download the up-to-date War Robots MOD, widely called an action game for android cell phones. This MOD has included many incentives that excite you during playing time. Brace yourself with newly updated Google Play new updates.   

As stated, earlies action game with multiplayer features with 6 vs. 6 attacking mode squad battles. It is more like a real battle, shattered the opponents with a good fight and train like a Metal Warriors.   

In a war-like situation, prepare yourself to face a surprise attack with an opponent who has many battle techniques for you in their storeroom. Knockdown challenger robots and catch all the flares, then upgrade your weapons to show more power, strength, and resilience of your battle.   

By manipulating different ideas, conquer all the maps with improving techniques and weapons.   

War Robots MOD APK Gameplay   

It is an arena where bloodthirsty robots fight with each other with their lethal weapons. When the countdown ends, each player’s respective robots are being sent into the battle station with other team members. With the change in gaming mode, the results that depend upon the way also changes. The game modes could be high-level scoring within the given time, survival battles until the opponent completely dies.  

From my perspective, survival mode is the best one because the chance of error is zero. This game is cruel where the player’s abilities were tested.   

What in this War Robots MOD APK:   

The number of robots in War Robots MOD APK is 48 with numerous strengths. In terms of weapons versatility, it has 50 weapons with more abilities, likes ballistic missiles, firepower, and plasma guns. Chose the options wisely according to the situation.   

According to your mentality, select the robot and weapons, make a reliable war machine, and unleash it in the game. Make a clan and put the flag all over the map with victories. Another mode PvP battle helps you to play all over the world.   

After completing battles with victories, reward the game with many bonuses and take the ultimate battle pilot. Hey Soldier, by having all this, the battle belongs to you.   

War Robots MOD APK Features: 

Lethal Robots   

As by its name, this game is all about robots. Symbolically term as war machines where the player wins the game by defeating their enemies. Here we have two types of robots, one is common, and the other one is epic. If you want to kill the game with skill, the choice should be an epic one. Epic robots have many capabilities like specially designed for combats, expertise in battlefields, which in result the player wins the game by a margin.   

If we chose the Stalker and Loki, they could hide for a shorter time to attack the opponent from many sides from many of the robots. In comparison, the other robots attacked vastly and damaged their robots.   

The Nature of the Robots is Remarkably Divergent and Eccentric   

As stated earlier, it is a robotic theme game where you fight with machines to gain rewards. By putting all the story, you have many automated options to set a competitive match with opponents. All the robots hold their toughness and potential to ensure a good fight in many ways. A robot without guns means nothing, so to explode the oppositions, they need weapons with high ability. Visual effects reflect you are playing in reality, and the game temperature rises gradually.   

Aside from many options, this game allows a player to play a game the way they want. In this scenario, there were specific roles you have to follow. I am pretty sure you are the kind of player who rushes into the game and eradicates them.    

Weapon System   

If we categorized robots and weapons, they play a different role in a game. Initially, every robot is equipped with weapons but not at the level of the game. Not good at attacking the opponent, and the damage would not be much. As the player goes higher, the game level becomes more lethal, and they face more challenges. Your opponent, who is equipped with modern weapons, causes more destruction to you. That’s why renovation of the robot is so significant because it did not matter what to be called a loser in the end.   

Right now, the weapons categories are light, medium, and heavy. Every class has its values. By comparison, the light one does not damage much to counter the heavy one. As your toss-up, your robot unlocks some joining leads to attach the destructive weapons. To avoid loading, the four attacking arms were there to supports the robot in a continuous manner.   

Tactically and Mapping   

Now, the accurate maps are 12 with their arrangements and formation. Chose the plan wisely according to your robots, the weapon you have with other team members to set up an excellent tactical fight on the map ground.   

If we talk about the Springfield map, it is very vast and divided by a river on one side with a bridge connection to the field. With blocking the view from one side to the scattered trees on the other trail.   

The others are Valley, Rome, Castle, and eight more maps. By analyzing the map arrangements, does not helps you before entering the battle arena. After entering, you have to observe and actively attack the opponent with the robot’s abilities. 

Plenty of Ways for User to Enjoy   

From the shooter’s point of view, the modes are PVP and multiplayer. In the multiplayer mode, the fight against the clans of six people joins you on the battlefield. To ensure a good win, you have to destroy all the enemy players with your respective teammates.    

In the arena mode, your mental work rate should work quickly as possible to show abilities according to the game. But the exciting event is when you invite a player and make the team play a game with communication and coordination.    

The Group in the Arena   

If there is no player to play a game with you, you can join a clan to make some friends. They play the game with you and helps you in many ways. Furthermore, there are some tournaments where you can test your abilities between clans; if you win that tournament, huge rewards will be yours.   

The newly updated version of the game came up with updated maps to fight with other ones. The new plan is called a Factory. These are the ultimate battles with the robots you have in space. A long-abandoned space station was there with acid tanks to trap robots with a lot of destruction. To fight in that tricky station player needs reasonable control over their robot and weapon.   

To compete in such a tricky station, the game welcomes you with new robotic options. The new robot-like Scorpion is valuable to money because it can move vastly with good weapons on its arms. This robot can throw poison on its enemy with good damage. This update is exciting in terms of playing on this map.   

MOD Features:  

  • Quick Match.   
  • Domination.   
  • Beacon Rush.   
  • Team Deathmatch.   
  • Free for All, Arena.   
  • Skirmish (Only for weekend battles).   
  • To gain more experience, the game has a lot of variations in terms of mapping. Division of modes occurs in two ways; one is Custom, and the other one is Default.   
  • Analyzing default mode, you are playing against the computer or AI. In this case, map selection is random, while in Default one, there is a battle between 6vs6.   
  • The third is Custom, where you can customize everything, including the maximum no of players, map selection. You can also make the team or fight with friends. But in this care, the bonuses or rewards are zero.   


  • The new year 2021 updated metal-feuded events.   
  • New monster titans; Minos, Horned monsters that are fast and threaten.   
  • Shotguns; thunderstorm, rollercoaster. It acts more than a sniper gun.   
  • Tactile cannons: Their damage hard to repair.   
  • Countless attacking options.  
  • Bug fixes.   

The storyline In the End   

This is a War Robot’s MOD APK all robots unlocked version with many good gaming experiences and rewards. Come up with the top of the variant robots and guns to kill game fever. Every player needs multiple maps to enjoy quality gaming time with friends and family. A game with a fascinating story and jam-packed crowed.    

Currently, the whole world is operating on robots, and robots’ addition kept you updated that what is going on. Every new update writes a unique story to your success with rewards to handle life pressure with abilities. This war robots APK community is enormous and gain more success with time.    

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