Temple Run 2 Mod APK

Here, you will learn about an upgraded version of the chase run game named temple run. Not like action games, racing games or mam to man fight games, temple run 2 is a simulation-based game where you have to control your character using your touch screen. It has vast elements and multiple gaming aspects. 

If we discuss the gameplay, you can use your android device’s touch screen to freely move your character on the path. Different maps and challenges are available with related setups alongside catching graphics. The gameplay includes countless feelings run on the temple wall. You can choose your best character and start the adventurous journey on the temple. You have to pass your character through massive dungeons, jungles, fires, labyrinths, and classified exotic locations. 

You will find a giant monkey and other intimidating monsters chasing after you. to have a good escape, you should clear all the hurdles without smashing with them.  A perfect decision of making the jump or moving right/left gives you a split second. This help you out for a successful run on the challenging routes. 

Your device should have intuitive touch controls so that you can control the character freely for moving left-right, jumping and even swinging with rope. All these are necessary controls to have split-seconds on the path and clear the obstacles. 

key features

without knowing the main features of the game we can’t get to know about it. here we will discuss some major parts of the game that will make it interesting for you.:

straightforward touch controls

one key feature of the game that makes it easy and quickly engaging every player is its intuitive touch controls. Even a beginner playing the game first time can command its character so easily. You just have to work out with right-left and up-down controls and easily command your characters. Jump and swing around to get from traps and cliffs. The multiple powerups and boost help out to quickly control the game. 

Awesome maps with different setups

You can enjoy working with different maps in temple run 2.  You can switch to the different organic environments and have different themes with relevant obstacles. Utilizing your special space adventures, you will be able to run with astronauts and aliens. All these maps and their decoration with themes will make sure your enjoyment of the game. 

Escalating levels of difficulty

Escalating levels of difficulty are basically demanding challenges that are available in each level. This makes sure you can enjoy each different map. It will keep the game enjoyable and entertaining.

 Awesome powerups 

To help out the player in the game, you can workout out a number of interesting power boosts in temple 2 two mod apk. This brings a lot of changes in the game. These special boosts and jumps help a lot to came over the sudden traps and bonus counts. All these things are supplied to make sure the game’s enjoyment. 

Multiple achievements on milestones 

Achievement are the beauty of every game. as the android game players complete the milestons they can collect the relevant achievement and special reward in the game. This will not just give you awards but also unlock and upgrade levels of the game. 

Different characters with different abilities

Temple run 2 is supplied with several game characters. Each of them is having respective characteristics. You can use them depending upon your comfort. You can choose any character and enjoy the game achievement with these abilities.

Customize your characters with many outfits and accessories

You can freely customize the shape, look and outfits of the character alongside his accessories. Using this will instantly change the look of the charisma.  There are hilarious combinations for your character involving costumes and accessories. It will make more enjoyable graphics for you.

Horrible monsters chase.

The major gameplay is linked with a giant monster chasing your character. You can also customize the monster . For example, you can bigger the size of a classic giant monkey. Also there are giant alien monsters available each of them is having its unique look. You can unlock even harder alien to bother you more strongly thus making the game more difficult for you. 

Coin collection and earn high

Throughout the gameplay, your ultimate goal is to collect the maximum possible coins. You also have to keep yourself alive as much as possible. Every time you go high you will unlock the best scores. You can boost of your high score to your friends and challenge them directly.

Have fun with the offline gameplay

Since the game is accessible to kids, most people are attracted to the game just after playing it the first time. People love to play it even they don’t have data connection. Temple run 2 mod apk helps us astonished in this aspect as you can play it offline anytime, anywhere. Most of the features remain unaffected. 

Sound + Music

Temple run 2 is introducing the android gaming community with impressive maps and wonderful audio experiences. It is filled with sound effects and themes followed by soundtracks. You can find the class of sound when you hear the monster’s breaths while running behind you. 


What you will get in mod apk version 

the version of the game you will download here is the normal version. There are no premium features included here. The modified version of the game will include the following properties.

  • Unlocking all characters
  • Unlocking all monsters and characters
  • Free up-gradation of all characters and paths. 
  • Free coins 
  • Free golds 
  • Free purchasing from the store.

How to download and install

Although the download process is not straightforward, our step-by-step guide will make it easy for you. Follow the steps to install the mod version of temple run 2 mod apk. 

  • Our download link will save an exe file into your download folder
  • Go to the file manager and find the downloaded file.
  • Double click the file and try to install it. 
  • It will prompt to allow installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to setting > Applications> security> allow installation from unknown sources
  • Check on allow
  • Go back to file manager and install.
  • Run and enjoy


Here you will get to know about a game that is equally famous for kids and elders. The whole game scenario is based on a monster chase on a temple wall. A monster is following you, and you have to escape from him. Our mod apk version will help you out with many premium features. 

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