Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK Download(Free Premium Choices/Outfits)

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK is an exciting game similar to Stories: your choices matter Mod Apk, where you can read and select short stories and speeches for different options. We realized that Tabou Interactive has just been released in the play store, so we decided to make Tabou Interactive Stories HD MOD APK for free.

By playing this game, you can play many different roles, and you have plenty of new experiences. If the player is looking for a romantic, captivating, but no less entertaining story, this game is a must-play.

In different plots of the various genres, ranging from romance to drama, the player can experience all the characters’ emotions. With each story, you’ll have a chochooseto reply to every comment made by the characters—no matter where the outcome determines the level and its development, gamers’ responses, and actions.

To take part in romantic stories and dramas straight out of your favorite TV shows and movies, download Tabou mod cheats for Android. 

Gameplay Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK:

 Playing the game is relatively straightforward since it only involves a few fingers when moving the screen. The gameplay of this game will primarily focus on figuring out the plot. It is designed after dating games.

In short, players will only need to choose options to proceed in the game’s story. Players will also face making correct choices as the game is challenging, and they will need to make the right decisions to continue their journey.

All of the options a player can choose from have a different outcome. Some of these will be good results, and some will not. Even though some products result in players losing their lives, it is best not to be a loser.

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What in this Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK?

Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK is a modified version of the official Tabaou: Love stories. You play the game to get all the premium features cost-free like unlimited keys, how to get free diamonds on tabou, and a lot more for free.

  • You can customize character.
  • Access to every story.
  • Unlimited Keys.
  • Unlimited Diamonds.
  • Effortless to signup.
  • You can save the progress.
  • Due to quality graphics, you will feel the emotion of graphics.
  • Taboo diamonds.
  • Freestore apk terbaru.
  • Download taboo.

Detail about critical features of Tabou Mod APK:

Tabou: Love stories you play (MOD) is the best storytelling game available on the play store. From a vast collection of stories to living character’s life, it has some exciting features. The below features help you to decide that you should download or not hacked apk games.

Best Matchmaker:

Persons will become a girl in tabu stories and are looking for the men of his life through a matchmaker system. But surprisingly, the player who was chosen to fight in a reality show with all of the celebrities and other people, such as singers, actors and many more. All of those people are attractive and hot, having a good body; their mission is to flirt with that girl successfully. 

Access to unlimited keys and diamonds:

Tabou unlimited keys and diamonds is the coolest thing about this mod apk. Diamonds and Keys are necessary to unlock any stories. Although they are paid, we can only get 5 diamonds per 24 hours if we do not wish to pay.

The mod gives you love episodes, unlimited keys and diamonds that you can take advantage of without worrying about anything—no more paying for your favorite love story.

Ad-Free Gaming Experience:

Tabou: Love Episodes You Play is a paid game, so you must buy a premium membership to remove advertisements from the competition. Using a modded version, you can enjoy Stories you Play apk for free without the annoyance of ads. Through Tobau  Apk cheats, you will have a better user experience and can fully enjoy the story.

Various plots:

An exciting design tabou app characteristic of the game is that there isn’t a single story that spans throughout its entire world-building process. Instead, the storyline consists of many different ones.

A Billionaire’s Darling:

In Billionaire’s Darling tabou game, you are an ordinary college girl who meets billionaire Henry Lockwood. He offers you the opportunity to be his fraud girlfriend an offer that seems too good to be true in tabou stories. There are secrets in Henry’s family, and they’re very complicated.

Can you find out the natural face henry? Does he care for you, or does it seem like a show? You can participate in high society in new apk mods one story premium choices, wear expensive outfits, have steamy moments, and unravel mysteries! To be a part of those kinds of stories, download Tabou Mod APK.

How to install/Download tabou Mod APK?

I am sharing the quickest method from where you can download tabou game mod apk. 

  • Click on the download button of tabou mod Apk given above then you will redirect to the download page.
  • Wait until the file install.
  • After downloading, it will ask for several permissions to allow them.
  • Install the game and enjoy story mod!


Today I share the latest version of Tabou Stories: Love Episodes MOD APK. If you like fully loved romantic stories, you must have to download this unique game. I upload many exciting APK games daily, so visit techynewx and share this post with your friends. If you do this, it means you appreciate us and if you have queries related to this post, write in the comment below.

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