Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK Download(Unlimited Money)

Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK games you can download on playstore are always vivid and rich because of immense diversity and the player’s number of options to survive. Survival on the raft is also like other survival games, but it’s creative because it has to go through an actual survival situation in the sea. Here you will study the raft survival game, where the fun starts with an accident in which everyone dies, only the player floating inside the sea; he has a hook in hand that will be used to collect the things necessary for survival.

It has many creative elements and impressive gameplay as the player took concrete steps of survival, he will be more fascinated with the situation. Compared to other games, player survival on the raft mod menu has a slow pace, and one has to survive on the sea’s surface. They will collect waste from the sea environment and drift in the ocean. The player will gather the necessary items, build a shelter for himself, and create beautiful marine life.It would help if you played DRAGON VILLAGE -city sim mania MOD APK to build your Dragon land with that fighting spirit.

What you will find in Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK: 

The gameplay you will download here is a modified version of survival on a raft and termed as Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK unlimited pearls. It will have the following additional features.

• Unlimited coins to buy the necessary survival items.

• Unlimited upgrades in the personal items.

• Unlimited health of the player.

• Unlimited hunger control of the survival player.

• Unlimited Thrust stamina of the player.

• Unlocked all levels free of cost.

Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK Features:


The game survival on the raft is fascinating and catchy because of the game’s slow pace and several limits while exploring the sea world. A player will enjoy a lot, especially after surviving in the dangerous moments when they are under attack by the sharks. As the game start, the player will see himself on a small raft with a hook in hand.

He will use this to collect the number of items from different distances. It’s on the player to manage and build as much as he wants to survive. Little crafting knowledge is also essential to develop and expand his raft and build different engineering structures in this wild habitat to save himself.


Control over your instinct and interaction with the environment is very much important. It’s an up-gradation to survival games as it involves the first person’s mechanism to live and survive in the sea. You can’t deny the possibility of interacting with the sea environment, so the player will find the infinite flexibility of fighting for food and life. He needs to go around and collect the resources efficiently. The game’s character is programmed to perform many functions automatically, like collecting fish, eating it, resting, etc. 


One of the things about survival on the raft is its very famous hook. This hook helps a lot in collecting the resources from a distance. It has a great collection mechanism. Since the player is on board of raft, his range of motion is automatically limited, but he can use his hook to approach and collect the necessary items for himself.

, A long roop connects the hook, so it helps to cover a long distance. So you have to toss the theme like a coin toward the resource and then pull the rope, and it will pull the resources alongside it. This function of gathering resources is unique, and many people like it. That mechanism you follow is unique and impressive to players. You can also use your physics knowledge to adjust the rope angle of throw and adjustment of rope with a hook. This can help out to get accuracy and dragging the items quickly on the path.


Most of the survival games are based on expanding the range of areas. This will enable us to gather more playing resources. This is not true in survival on raft mod APK as here the game has unlimited resources, and the game player can collect as much as possible to create craft or structures to help in survival. The game also gives wooden crates or boxes containing fantastic items for the player; however, it’s up to the player to safely reach these things as there is a vast sea around.


Since the player builds his raft to keep himself safe, he can expand it as vast as possible. But he has to keep it safe from various risks like a thunderstorm and currents of the sea. The most significant danger is a shark that can attack anytime to the raft or the player he gets into the water to collect the resources. There is a feeling of fear and thrill as the player gets into the water to search out the resources. Sharks attack at special angels can also destroy the raft, so the player has to use special tools to chase the sharks away and expand unique materials as they are attacking.


Survival on raft mod APK happy mod is based upon a unique survival mechanism, where survival gets a beautiful experience. The player can gather and make survival tools and different things for survival. He can do fishing, even farming facilities. He can cook them as well. The gameplay is equipped with several functions, such as a wooden hammer to build new structures. Its player’s unique approach to design and build rafts with creative minds and parts is present. However, the player has to take care of eating, drinking, and searching for food in the broad and vast sea.

How to install:

The installation procedure of survival on raft mod APK free craft is a little complex; however, it’s very straightforward to follow the steps we are giving below.

  1. Click on the download link, and this will start downloading a file in your downloads folder.
  2. You will see a compressed file, and you might need a rar to open this.
  3. Once it’s open, it will ask for permission to install the file from an unknown source.
  4. When you allow the installation process to begin, the file will be installed independently.
  5. After installation is done, you can find its icon and click to run it.


Survival on Raft: Crafting in the Ocean MOD APK is a survival game based on a solo fighting and survival situation in a pure marine environment. The game starts within a sea where players start discovering thins with a hook and roop. He then uses his instinct to build and create an incredible raft that gives him good shelter and living in the sea. One has to keep the meters of health, hunger, and thrust optimum for a perfect win.




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