Download Step Tracker APK v 2.0.2 Free & Calorie Tracker

Pedometer and Step tracker APK is an excellent app to keep all the details of your daily gait. With regular use of the app, you can slow down the speed with which you age. Doing exercise and maintaining healthy diet plans will not be enough to give you the effect you aspire to achieve. In other words, it’s a great fitness planner you must download if you are serious about fitness.

What is Step Tracker APK?

Step Tracker APK is developed by Zulumaniya. This calorie Counter 1.3.5 was updated on Feb 18, 2021. Thousands of apps are available on the google play store, but this app that I am going to review is precise.

This pedometer uses a unified sensor to count your steps. There is no GPS tracking so that it can save a lot of battery. It also tracks your calories burned, distance and walking time, etc.

Just click on the start button and it starts calculating your steps. Whether your phone is in your hand, your purse, pocket or bar, it starts counting your steps even if your mobile screen is locked.

Amazing Features of Step Tracker:

  • Step Counter:

This is an effective step Tracker app that helps you to track your daily steps and healthy life. Now you have to set your personal goals of steps and achieve them. Monitor your achievements with this app.

  • Calorie counter:

The main thing while losing weight or for fitness purposes is how many calories you burn. If the intake and burning calories become, unbalance you cant maintain your fitness. That’s why this app provides you calorie counter to maintain your figure or helps in weight loss.

  • Real-Time Map Tracking:

In GPS tracking mode, the counter tracks your fitness activity in detail (distance, speed, time, calories) and records your way on the map with GPS in real-time. But if you do not choose GPS tracking, the steps will be counted with the integrated sensor to save battery.

  • All features are 100% free:

All the features are free of cost. You don’t need to pay a single penny to use any element from app. You may download it now.

  • Easy to use step counter:

Once you install it in mobile in your steps will automatically be recorded. You could pause resume reset steps from 0 if you desired. The data that run in the background will stop as you stop it. You will get your regular performance report that how many steps you walk or how much distance you cover how many calories you burnt.

  • Report Chart:

Your workout details will be showed in clear graphs. You can effortlessly check your daily, weekly, and monthly walking stats.

  • Goals and Achievements:

Set the goal of daily steps. Constantly achieving your goal will keep you inspired. You can also set goals for your fitness activity (distance, calories, steps).

  • Colorful themes:

More themes will be coming soon. Choose your favorite elegant interface and enjoy your steps’ exact measure.

  • Health Follower Application:

The health tracking app records your health data (weight trends, sleep conditions, water intake details, diet, etc.) and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. Stay active, lose weight and stay in shape with Step Tracker APK.

  • Achievements Rewards:

If you achieve your settled goals, you will Win your personal accomplishment badge!

  • Compact installation:

For this app, you don’t need heavy processors or supercomputers. Within 25 MB space, you will get a perfect monitoring device a great gym mentor at your palm.

Important Points you must keep in your mind:

  • To get the right information about steps are counted correctly, you have to make sure that the information you put is right.
  • For more accuracy, you should set the sensitivity level perfectly.
  • Older versions of the app cannot count steps when the mobile is in locked condition. But the version that you download here will provide the exact measure also in locked mode.

How to install/download the tracker APK?

Downloading the APK file is too simpler. If you are confused about how to install, then it’s our duty to give you a step-by-step guide.

  1. Simply press the download button Step Tracker Walk Pedometer apk on your unit. You have to do this right now. The link provided here 99% guaranteed to work.
  2. To install Step Tracker apk second, you have to make sure that third-party applications are currently enabled as an installation resource.
  3. Enjoy!


Hey Guys, It’s a great pleasure for me; you have made it to the end of Step tracker APK and discussed all its great features. I urge you to visit my site. I post amazing APK apps on a regular basis. If you are a fitness freak, you must have this app On your device. That’s all for now. Go give a finger kiss to the download button and enjoy a healthy life.

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