Rucoy Online- MMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK Download v1.22.0 Unlimited[Money/Free Shopping]

Gaming is the passion of many people. People find it best way to kill time and have fun with Rucoy onlineMMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK by RicardoGzz. There is a variety of games depending upon genres. You may have action, thriller, adventure, role-playing, or puzzle games. Trends have changed now. People like to play with their friends and family online. This would be like all of you are sitting inside your home on your respective devices and sharing the same screenplay screen.

Gameplay Rucoy OnlineMMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK:

In this article you are reading, we will discuss the fantastic features of the Rucoy online MOD APK game. This is a multiplayer action game. You have to build your character and send him on a battle of battle to fight and defend himself. On each milestone, you will get the money that can be used to upgrade the skills and buy necessary things for your character.

You will find a fascinating world of design, magical cheats, horrible monsters, odd nooks, and great fun.

What you will get in the mod version?

You will not get the premium features in the free version that you will download from the play store. The premium features will give you unlimited diamonds, money, or anything you need to design and upgrade your characters. Our mod version of the game Rucoy onlineMMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK will unlock all the premium features for you.

One fantastic thing that you will find in the premium version is getting rid of ads. In the free version, you will become sick of seeing the same boring ads stuff repeatedly. To get rid of this game manual, you will ask to purchase a plan; however, you will not find any ads in a modified version of the game. Be a king of simulation game by playing people’s best game King of Avalon: Dominion mod APK.

Key features Of Rucoy onlineMMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK:

Beautiful Graphics and fancy sounds:

Graphics are the soul of any game a perfect graphics give an excellent simulation. Rucoy online MOD APK is equipped with outstanding and unique graphics. The 2D graphics make a realistic view. The sound of the game is specially designed. You will have great fun with music.

Easy customizing GUI:

You are often stuck when you want to change the game setting, anything related to sound, gestures, moves, control. Here you will find very straightforward controls in record online. Game rules can be changed according to your choice. Easy customization makes it unique to all other games of this category.

Multiplayer Feature:

The game trend has been changed rigorously nowadays. Now people like to play the game online with their friends sharing the same mobile screen. So you will see many people sitting at different places, and they are in the exact match and meanwhile on the call with each other.

You can also create a team of your friends. Alongside calling, you may also chat with friends while playing the game. Moreover, if you don’t want to play as a team, you may play the game as a single player.

Character customization:

One of the fantastic features includes character customization. You may give your hero any desired look in the game according to your performance and budget around you. There are three main classes of character customization available, and you can choose any of them at a time. You can control knight, archer or magician any of them.

In this way, you can not just control the character’s shape, but you may also upgrade its skills. Especially buying the tools helps a lot to boost the feeling. And this will help a lot while fighting with monsters in the game.

How to play Rucoy Online- MMORPG – MMO – RPG Mod APK?

Although playing the game is the same for all games, we will still explain the gameplay to help out in playing.

Following are the key handles.

  • Move simple touch to move around or to go anywhere you want.
  • While attempting an attack, select that specific target.
  • You will see a hand icon when you come close to loot, touch it and pick up the loot.
  • You will see a panel to show you health points, mana points, and your health state on the right side.
  • To restore the health click the health restore icon on the right side.
  • You may also change the weapon by moving the scroll button on the right side.
  • The PvP zone will provide you. Standing in the PvP zone will reduce the curse duration for you.
  • If you kill an innocent target, you will be marked as cursed.
  • If you kill a cursed player, it will not mark you as cursed. Killing a cursed player will reward you with money or gold to upgrade your characters and buy the tools.

How to download and install Rucoy onlineMMORPG – MMO – RPG MOD APK?

Although the installation procedure is complex however our step-by-step guide will make it very simple for you.

  • In the first step, you need to download the .exe file of the game. For this, you need to click on the download link as given on our website.
  • Open file manager and find the downloaded file here.
  • Clicking on the file will prompt a dialogue button.
  • It will ask you to allow the installation from unknown sources.
  • Go to the security setting and click on enable.
  • It will automatically install the files and place the icon on the home screen.
  • Click on the icon and enjoy.


Rucoy online MOD APK is an action game where you need to prepare a war world character to fight. You can upgrade your character by purchasing tools. Our modified version will allow you to enjoy all the premium features.

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