Download PowerDirector Pro APK V8.1.0 [Mod+Full Unlocked]

The present century is very modern in a way we are strongly relying on modern tools like PowerDirector pro-APK to make the things around us more beautiful and attractive. Especially the videos and pictures are essential for us. We save our events in this mild form of images and videos, and we try to share them with our friends and family on your social platforms like youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

It seems like an increasing race, and things are becoming faster day by day thus creating massive chaos around us. To achieve this goal you need to have a good audio video editor. This is why you are at the right place for this PowerDirector pro-APK may be the best application. If you don’t want to use expert features and your work will done by simple appl you can find download it from Google Play.

Overview Information

App Name PowerDirector Pro
Genre Editing
Size 54MB
Latest Version v9.1.0
MOD Info Unlocked All
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Update January 1, 2021 (2 weeks ago)
App Name PowerDirector Pro


Although there are several videos and audio apps like inshot, Cap Cut PowerDirector pro-APK is distinguished from all of them. This is a reliable and highly trusted app, and you will enjoy this. The smartphone is becoming very smart nowadays, and it has tremendous power to do a lot of things in seconds. Although it’s widely being used to manage, communicate, and solve problems even. You cannot count the time when you are using mobile.

You can even have fun by playing games and chatting with your friends. Video recording is an advanced feature, although it’s less common because people like to save the video in picture form. You can use video recording with power video editor and have great fun ahead. The PowerDirector  has been launched by CyberLink that is very common to use on PC, tablets, android, and even mobiles.

This is considered one of the most powerful video editing software in the market. Using this, you can make awful and catchy videos you can edit them according to your choice, and you can export them in HD or video quality of your choice on Facebook and youtube even.

Some Major Features of PowerDirector mod apk

  • Capability:

One of the significant problems to most apps is that they lag and problem if they didn’t find the required suitable hardware. But the beauty of this app powerdirector apk is it is well suited to a specific mobile device with Android versions 4.3 and above.

We will always recommend having robust hardware to handle multiple tasks and editing at once. Especially while saving the file, we will demand sharp processing since the PowerDirector bundle is specially designed to fully utilize the hardware so competent hardware will really help you out working on it.

·         Awesome Interface:

PowerDirector mod apk has a user-friendly interface and it allows you to easily create the awesome video effects of your choice just with a few taps. It involves splitting, cropping, trimming, and decorating it with video effects as well.

Although the market is full of video editing software after reading this article you will see the uniqueness of this Powerdirector over other tools and a perfect fit on android and ios devices.

·         Importing video:

Whenever you want to import any video or audio to edit, you just have to click on the video icon and PowerDirectorapk will open the gallery for you. Once you select the video, it will be opened in the video player of the PowerDirector mod apk bundle. You will be able to select it to open it and play it, and you will be able to play it at specific points.

·         Personalizing the video:

Since its interface has awell layered structure, it is straightforward for you to emend the video anywhere you want. For example, if you’re going to mix the audio, you can separate the audio and video and delete it.

Then you can place the audio you want to add on it by sampling clicking it from the gallery. If you want to trim the video from a point, then click the cursor there in the PowerDirector mod apkbank play and then click on the trim option. You can separate some unwanted part form video by trimming it at both points and then select it and delete. you can also mix the footage with some pictures or texts or stickers as well. All this you have to do in the layers.

·         Adding Pictures:

If you want to add a picture in power director full, you will have to add a separate layer for images and all the pictures will embed in this layer and you can add them separately at specific durations. After adding the picture, you can add animation to the picture as well, and there are three types of animations in cyberlink power director.

  • It could be incoming animation:

In this kind of animation, the picture flies in with a design, you can choose a design from the list of designs available in the PowerDirectorapk mod. You depended upon your choice. Once you choose a design, you can choose how long that picture has to be on screen, if you. And you can add these both at once and you can keep them as much long as you want.

Static animation: a static animation remains on the frame as long as you want; the layer can adjust the length of duration

  • Outgoing animation:

In this animation of powerdirector full apk, the picture will exhibit our selected design and will go away. If you want to show a  snip of something, you can use this outgoing animation. All these animations will add unique colors to your video.

Moreover, you can edit the picture inside the video by your choice. You can crop it, flip it, rotate it to some angel, add some filter, make it dark or vague or any amendments you want you can add to it. The prescribed animations will beautify it more.

  • Powerful Tools:

PowerDirector pro  is equipped with immense tools. Only professionals who have experience editing videos and pictures can understand how they can fully optimize and utilize this tool for handy and straightforward editing.

The best understanding can be achieved by practicing this application at your own taps. You can access the videos across the web. You can effectively personalize it by trimming, cropping, and adjusting its frame by rotating and flipping, and its so simple with just one command.

So just a little editing with the timeline of a video, and you can design your own Facebook, WhatsApp status birthday wishes, and much more. An overall lighting and coloring setting can be done using some useful options that control color, a saturation of pixels, and the general video setting.

Once again, if you are searching for any video editing mobile application that efficiently produces videos with desired effects, this is available in PowerDirector mod apk. So you can easily import videos, audios, and images of your choice and use this for your desired personalizations.

You can also easily create your video tracks as well. This can support 32 bit and 64-bit support as well, just after its installments on the 64-bit system had made once more stable, smooth, and easy.

So 64-bit installation makes sure that the system never runs into a problem while working, rendering, saving, or exporting your amazing videos that could be 240, 360, 480, 720, or 1080, or uploading them on your social media channels.

What you will get in the MOD APK version:

Here is some beautiful feature that you will enjoy with the premium version.

  • When you edit your video, you always wish to have the video in HD quality to upload it on your favorite social platform. This feature is only available in the premium version
  • When you do not use a premium version, you have to compromise on the signature and watermark by powerdirector download. However, when you purchase the subscription, you can get rid of this. If you have performed the editing, you can save this video, and after purchasing, you can export it, and there will be no watermark on this video and no advertisements.
  • PowerDirector offers some free content linked explicitly with birthday wishes, ceremonial content, and fast or slow music. In the free version, only a limited range is available; however, in the premium version, more than 700 values are known. That means you can instantly download the required content and apply it to your videos.
  • While using the free version, only a limited number of filters are available. However, there are an unlimited number of filters that help you apply the modifications as you wish.


PowerDirector Pro apk is an amazing video editing application that you can install on any android or apple iOS as well. This allows you to edit video add different features stickers layout add customized music, speed, or any desired feature. Our apk mod will also open all the locked features and will open all the paid access for you.

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