Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK Download v5.1.2 Unlimited (Money,OBB,Cars)

Racing games are the charm of kids and elders equally, either moto racing, car racing, drift racing, or simply driving school games. The beautiful, charming, and gorgeous cars raise the game’s outlook and make it more delightful.

Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK is designed to be a race in Fairhaven by ELECTRONIC ARTS, which has impressive buildings, roads, and excellent city features. Here you will find a gang of good and bad racers gathers with their epic vehicles and lovely costumes. Street racing is the native culture of this city, and police chase makes it even crazy.

Gameplay For Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK:

The upgraded version of Need for Speed available at Play store is commonly known as NFS-Most Wanted. The reason for labeling is the top ten city racers placed in a list with the name “Most Wanted”. Throughout the game, all your role include racing with them one by one and win them all. Before running the leading racer, you need to defeat their gang members.

Alongside racing, you will also see many exciting features of the game alongside the primary campaign.

What you will get in the MOD version?

Although Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK is among the few games that come with exclusive gameplay features still there are some purchased features available. If you want to enjoy the purchased premium features, you can download the Need for speed mod apk version from our website. It will give you the following plus points. Conquer the world of racing by playing other people most liked F1 Manager MOD APK simulation game.

  1. Unlimited coins/money/diamonds
  2. Unlocking all race tracks
  3. Unlocking all cars
  4. Free up-gradation and car customization
  5. All premium features for free.

We are hopeful that our mod version will make your experience more fantastic.

Key Features Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK:

Here are some fantastic features of the Need for Speed that will build a more classy image in your mind about Need for Speed

Simple Controls:

The first feature we want to discuss is the simple and intuitive driving controls of Need for Speed. This feature will make the players very familiar with the game very early. You will be very handy to the game after few minutes of playing the game. You can further customize the controls according to your requirement. That includes customizing the sizes of game control, dimensions of buttons their position on the screen. You can adjust them according to your comfort and play.

Very Realistic game elements:

You will not find any other match or every comparison of Need for Speed because of its realistic interactive elements. You will find everything so practical as it is happening in the real world. Speed signs, burning smoke on car drift, even the crashed car body are so natural that it gives an authentic look to the player. And he feels a more practical simulation. Now you can also find the special joystick designed for Need for Speed with staring and gears on it. In this way, you can have more fun.

Variety of Rides and Heroic vehicles:

Any racing game is useless without a bank of tremendous and beautiful cars. For this, EA has developed and introduced more than 45 wondering and powerful sports cars in the game. You can enjoy countless driving experiences on these cars.

But here is a note, you cannot just pick any car and use it for racing, you need to upgrade yourself by completing missions and challenges to unlock these cars, and then you can purchase them using massive amounts. The up-gradation of car parts is also directly linked with their advancement. A more advanced vehicle will cost you higher for upgradation.

A complete garage for up-gradation of the car is available. You can purchase/upgrade specifically any part of the car, including engine, suspension, horsepower, transmission, tires, car color, overview, and several more customizations. It would help if you made yourself different by having the most powerful car and a more stylish look.

Police Chase Huge Fun:

A police chase is a great fascination of street racers. Police chase adds fantasy to the game and allows you to open your inner driver against the police because it’s just a game, and you don’t need to go to jail in real. Need for Speed provides you an upper-level police chase on the roads in the tunnels, through the train track. You need to use your skills and your powerful car engine to outrun the chasing police.

Amazing Game modes:

Need for speed mod apk is provided by classic playing modes that you can enjoy according to your mood and choice. Here are the details of playing ways individually.

Free roam:

The Free roam mode provides you the option to visit the city and explore Fairhaven as much as you want. In this mode, you will be in the car without any race, just wandering around in the city, exploring new places, and having immense fun.


In the pursuit mode of Need for Speed, you will dress up as the police and will in a police vehicle. You will wander around and hunt the street criminals. So you will take down anyone annoying on the road. So you can choose any role you want in this game.

Single Player Campaign:

This one is the most frequently played mode in this; you will start your journey as a single street driver. As you start racing, you develop racing skills by knocking out the best street and road racers In the town. You have to run with the big bad boys for the title and secure your position on the most wanted list.

Online gameplay:

Need for Speed can also be played online with your friends. You people can build a driver carrier within a game and online among the gaming community. For that, you can play Need for Speed online by making it server mode. You can defeat your friends and thus be an NFS champ. Many students organize the NFS tournament in the same pattern.

Visual and sound quality Graphics:

Need for Speed is equipped with fantastic graphics and the highest sound quality. It has such a high color quality that low-end devices may not support it. There is no match with android racing games.

You will be hooked by the game if got stick with its immersive and accurate audio experiences. The audios like engine sounds, screaming crowds, honking polices vehicles, flying chopper, drift sounds, and many more. You will find the soundtracks in Need for Speed fascinating.

How to download and install On Your Device?

Although the installation procedure is a little bit complex, especially if you are installing it on mobile. But our step by step guide will make it easy for you

  1. Click on the download link at our website, and it will download a setup file in your download directory.
  2. Download the apk file and OBB file as well t make proper gameplay.
  3. Extract the downloaded folder and copy it to Android /OBB in the installation device.
  4. Install the apk and have fun with the great game.


Need for Speed™ No Limits Mod APK is a fantastic racing game that is unique because of catchy gameplay, stunning cars, realistic graphics and sound, and incredible simulation. You can do street racing, police chase many more. Our mod version will add more fun to your game.

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