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Mini Militia - Doodle Army 2 is all about intense multiplayer combat!
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Mini Militia is an action-packed military game that you’ll enjoy for hours on end. The game offers a wide variety of weapons, vehicles and missions to keep you entertained for hours. The ultimate goal of the game is to liberate your country from the invading forces and become a hero!

Introduction of mini militia

Mini militia pro pack is a popular android app for people to practice shooting using their phones. It includes some of the most user-friendly and accurate shooting features. In addition, it has very realistic 3D graphics that make one feel like he is really in the game and getting good results.

These features are what makes mini militia pro packs so popular among many users, who are looking to improve their skills before they purchase higher-end guns or join any military forces.

Mini militia is a third-person multiplayer shooter game developed by Mini Militia Games. It was released on July 8, 2019 and it has been downloaded over 10 million times in less than 3 months.

The gameplay consists of fast paced shooting with an RPG twist which makes it easier for players to switch from military to RPG. The game also offers a wide variety of weapons, maps, enemies, tactics, and more in case you do not like your current loadout.

The main feature of Mini Militia Pro Pack

Mini Militia pro pack apk is a game with a lot of levels and missions. There are various weapons and power-ups that you can collect to help you in your missions.

Mini Militia pro pack apk has some really interesting features that make it stand out from the rest of the games in its genre.

It has a level editor where players can create their own levels and publish them to share with others. It also makes use of procedural generation so that it never gets boring.

Mini militia pro pack apk offers you a military style game with real-time strategy and first person shooter. This game has all the features you need to ensure that you have a fun time playing it.

This revolutionary shooting and strategy game is based on the distant future, where humans have been wiped out by an alien race called the Oxygenics. The only hope for mankind is in the hands of Mini Militia, a space-based militia designed to defend humans from being found by the Oxygenic.

Mini Militia features real time and turn based strategy gameplay, challenging levels that require strategic planning, research and build times, as well as many different weapons!


Game mini militia is a team-based strategy game with a focus on tactics. It has been designed to offer players an engaging and highly competitive experience.

The gameplay of Mini Militia is based on quick thinking and decision-making, as well as troop control. Players are required to balance their troops carefully in order to have success on the battlefield. The purpose of the game is for players to win the battle by capturing territory, eliminating enemies, and defending their own territory.

In this app, players can choose from four different types of troops with different skill sets that complement each other in order to take over territories during battle.

How to download and install

Mini Militia Pro Pack is an app for android devices that helps you make your phone a mobile personal defense tool. The app features many tools including a flashlight, stun gun, and pepper spray.

To download and install the Mini Militia Pro Pack apk, first you need to download the apk file using your browser on your device. Once you have the file on the device, navigate to its location and tap on it. This will open up a new window with the installation options which include “install,” “open,” and “run.” Select “install” to complete the installation process.

From there, go back to your main screen where you’ll find a new option: “MiniMilitia Pro Pack.” Click on it to launch the app’s interface.

FAQs of mini militia pro pack apk

– Unlimited ammo

– 5 different firing modes (single shot, fully automatic, or burst)

– 1 sniper rifle with scope, bipod and laser sight

– 2 pistols with 2 magazines each

– 3 grenades with 3 magazines each

You need Android 4.0 and up, a 3D device, and 2GB of RAM or more to play Mini Militia.


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What's new

- In-game Friends is here! Now you can add players as friends and play custom games together! Note - just make sure you and your friends are on this latest app version, only then you could find them and play together - You can also search for other players by nickname or ID, and add them as friends directly in the game regardless of your account type (including guests) - In addition, we’ve made some bug fixes related to Friends.



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