Mafia City MOD APK Download v1.5.612 Unlimited(Girls/Money/Gold)

If you want a game where you feel like an underworld don ruling over a city and taking yourself throughout the game by completing the successive missions in the game, you will find Mafia City MOD APK by YottaGame as your best choice interest. Not everyone is fond of action games; there is a vast category of games that include adventure, action-adventure, thriller, roleplaying animation, and many more. 

There are no clear enemies in the game. You have to fight against other players in the game. You need to be intelligent and sharp to clear all the missions and be on top of the city. It would help if you continued throughout the gameplay.

Gameplay Mafia City MOD APK:

The gameplay of this game you can have on Play store is dramatic. The city is full of underworld mafia, every kind of sin, dark colors, fiery actions, gun fires, and animation. You will play the role of Tommy and establish a whole gang in the city. You will join the robbery missions will destroy and conquer anything that will come across your way, especially the other working gangs in the city. The ultimate thing is to be the don of the city by competing with everyone different in the city.

Besides this, you may also participate in daily online battles and earn a name in online gaming. You can play the game anywhere in the world.

Based on an Attractive story:

Mafia City MOD APK starts with a fantastic movie crime scene. You see yourself a driver name Tommy that has been dragged into a fight with some criminals. This fight is accidental, and it pushed him into the limitless and very mysterious world of the underworld mafia. The city is taken by the Salieri family that is a very famous underworld.

In the beginning, Tommy will feel discomfort with all that accidental happenings. Soon, he will adopt this, and the money itself alongside generous rewards will blur Tommy’s eyes and choose this as a lifestyle. Conquer the world of deadly animals after downloading Monster Legends MOD APK.

As he faces challenges and goes through dangerous situations, he will be awarded more money. This will even add to his lust for money, and he will become more hazardous with each mission. He will keep doing this till he finally receives the ultimate respect.

Key Features Of Mafia City MOD APK:

You can neither play a game nor develop an impression about it without knowing its main features.

  • Easy to play and understand.
  • It comes with 3D graphics.
  • Clears weekly events to make this game more interactive.
  • Become the godfather of your city and rule on it.
  • Date cute girls and spend some time with them.
  • Please make your gang and let them be part of your family.

Discover new lands:

The gameplay is designed in New Heaven city, which is the very famous city of America. It occupies the culture and architecture of famous old history. You will travel more than 12 square miles of this city while facing several famous gangs. You will explore the city and discover many new things related to culture and history in the new heaven city.

Missions variety:

You don’t just have to fight for destroying the gangs in the city. There are more than 20 horror and very tough missions. All these missions are based on the events that happened in US history in the last 20 years. You have to participate in the tasks, and it will inspire you with new feelings of the gang. You have to complete the missions to be the don of the underworld.

Beautiful armory and gorgeous vehicles:

The game is equipped with impressive graphics and a classic simulation environment. Especially the variety of dangerous armory and a choice to use it will fascinate you. There are more than 60 types of legendary cars that operate like real and design on fundamental mechanisms. The weapons include machine guns, shotguns, baseball bat, pistols, knives, missiles, and many more. They will boost the fantasy of the game and make it more exciting.

Building your basecamp:

Mafia City has some buildings that include training centers, hospitals, communication centers. You need to unlock these buildings and acquire them as your bases. You can use them later in the game to help out your gang members. Several buildings secure your position in the city and several safe houses in the city for you and your troops. There are other buildings as well that include security centers, black markets, restaurants, investment centers.

What you will get in the MOD version?

The version of Mafia City MOD APK you will download from the play store is the standard version. To unlock all the buildings and all premium features, It may ask you to purchase a plan. But you don’t need to get worried about this. The version of the game you will download from our website is the modified version; it will give you all the premium versions for free. Here is the feature you will get in the mod version.

  • Infinite Gold.
  • Unlimited money.
  • Level 9 boulder.
  • Safe download and installation.
  • Auto-updating.
  • Auto synching.
  • Safe installation.

How to download and install Mafia City MOD APK on your Device?

Although the installation process is a bit tricky, our step-by-step guide will make it easy for you.

  • Our download link will save an exe file into your download folder
  • Go to the file manager and find the downloaded file
  • Tap the file to install
  • It will prompt to allow installation from unknown sources
  • Go to setting> privacy >to enable installation from unknown sources
  • Go back to file manager and try to install
  • Enjoy


Mafia City MOD APK is an action-adventure game where you can change your role from driver to an underworld gangster. You need to create your gang and defeat all others in the city to be on top. Alongside there are 20 dangerous missions that you have to complete alongside.

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