Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Download (Apk+MOD+ OBB)

If you’re looking forward to the new Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Vice City by Rockstar Games, you’ll be glad to know that it’s very promising. The graphics are superb, even when compared to previous GTA games. Since childhood, this third-person, everyone’s top favorite game, is now on your android phone named GTAVice City APK

GTA Vice City APK Short Intro:

A little information may increase your knowledge and enlighten you with what you are downloading. GTA vice city is the world widely famous game of all time. At a mere glance in 2002, this game was first launched by Rockstars Games for Play station and became very popular within no time.

 After one year, in 2003, it was launched for PC. And after that time, it was found for many other platforms, and many versions and many copies have been sold till now. 

At that time we played it by buying CDs and played it on our P4 Pc.Share the game records and photos on the best messaging app on YoWhatsapp APK.

Story Line:

 GTA vice city’s story was from the ’80s when Tommy Vercetti got freedom after spending 15 years in jail. Tommy first does a job for the Forelli family, and the leader of the Forelli family was Sony Forelli. 

To get rid of Tommy Vercetti and tamper in the drugs business, Sony Forelli sends Tommy towards the vice city from liberty. In vice city, Tommy deals drugs setup with Vance’s brother. 

Yet, something turned out badly. Not having the opportunity to cover up, thus not jeopardizing his family members and companions, Tommy should restore everything to its places as quickly as time permits, taking care of obligations to mafia gatherings.

What is the main Aim of game?:

If you like action games, you will not find a better game than GTA Vice City APK

K. If you never played this game to this date, go and download, start now and enjoy your time doing actions. The motto of the game is “Kill or to be killed.”

The main Aim of the game to pass all mission stories by using your sharp mind. In this game, you will face many dangers and interesting breathtaking missions. You will get confrontations of specialists, battles, thefts, murders, property seizures, and much more in this game.

Devices required to play GTA Vice City Apk:

The game is the most demanding and famous in this century. I don’t think any child to youngster doesn’t know about this game. Therefore company launched this game almost for every primary device, including X-box Playstation, Windows, Xbox, OS X, iOS, and Android. 

This crime-themed action game is marvelous in playability. A player can do everything that he wants in the game. The player can grab a car, steal money can do murder. Overall you can say that gangster-based game. In this criminal world, lock up your merciful heart and show the rudest behavior if you want to achieve the missions.

Download Gta vice city apk mod + Normal + OBB 

Now the whole world shift on mobile phones. People don’t have food to eat, but they have mobile. Due to this reason, they search for this game from their respective mobile app stores. They are also searching for grand theft auto vice city cheats apk, which directly means the mod version of this game. Billions of users use the android phone; if you are one of them, you select the right web page to download this game. Download GTA vice city mod apk from here and enjoy unlimited health and much more. If you don’t want to get a cheat version of GTA vice city and want to download the standard version, click the button. 

GTA Vice City Ingredients:

  • GTA Vice City belongs to the Action Gaming Category.
  • The version that you download from here is the latest 1.09.
  • The creators of the Game company are Rockstar Games.
  • The rating is superb, 4.2. If you have an OS 7.0 on Android, you can download it.
  • The name of the game: Grand Theft Auto Vice City Apk.

Unique Features Of GTA Vice City:

The latest version of GTA vice city has beautiful graphics and unique light effects. Everything in the game design with special care added eye catching scenery and texture. The costumes and vehicles are also designed well everything. It is well organized, characterizing the 80’s well.

  • The full of action game is compatible with Moga Wireless game controllers and other gamepads. 
  • The game uses the severe level of 3d perspective. The game’s background music followed the pop style, and more than 90 songs played in different scenes.
  • In settings, there is a customizable graphics option that runs smoothly according to your device.
  • It supports many languages but no Chinese version. So you can play it doesn’t matter from which language you belong.
  • To engage you in the standard version of the game, also have some exciting missions.

Features in the Mod version GTA Vice City:

Unique Gameplay:

GTA vice city apk for Android contains unique gameplay on an open-world format. It means you if you don’t have a mood to complete the mission, you can explore the places in the game one by one. You can kill someone quickly, loot the car and money, mock the cops, and much more in the game. Various side missions are available, and also you can perform multiple serious stunts overall, more exciting features in this mod version of the game.

More Accurate Targets:

In this game, you have more accurate targets in your weapons with minimum recoils. With this, you can quickly complete the missions.

Unlimited Health:

In this mod version of grand theft, the auto vice city you have unlimited health that’s losing and wasted or killed is never a chance. In this version, you have God mode.

Bugs Are Fixed:

All kinds of bugs, errors, and glitches are fixed precisely. Therefore it does not harm your device and runs very smoothly on your device. Although GTA Vice city Android does not contain any malware virus and does not steal any secret information from your device, it is entirely safe.

Unlimited Money and Weapons:

 In the mod version of GTA vice city, you will get unlimited money and weapons and many things without applying the cheat codes.

How do I install GTA Vice City Apk/Normal+ Mod Apk?

If you are unaware and don’t know how to install it safely on your device, worry not to follow the step-by-step guide. 

  1. In every step, uninstall the old version of the game that you download in the past from your android device.
  2. Download the GTA vice city Apk from here just by clicking the button. 
  3. Navigate to the downloads folder and locate and click the Vice City APK file.
  4. Now click on install and wait for the process to complete.
  5. Once you’re done, your game will be installed, but don’t open it now.
  6. Just return to the downloads folder again and find the OBTA GTA Vice City apk file.
  7. It will be a zip file, so you will need to extract its contents to the / sdcard / Android / OBB / folder. (It’s all about using any file manager, such as ES File Explorer, to extract it).
  8. Before starting the game, make sure there are a folder called com.rockstargames.gtavc.
  9. If that folder is available in that location, it means that you have successfully extracted the OBB zip file. Check the result and start playing the latest pirated GTA Vice City APK.

Benefits of Downloading From Here:

  • This page does not require Login details before downloading this game.
  • We do not track your location or follow your IP address.
  • Here you can find other apps as well.
  • There is no infected link on this page that disturbs you. Click and download your favorite GTA Vice city apk.


GTA vice city APK latest version is just one click far from you. Everyone likes the exceptional features and outstanding graphics, and a giant map in the game, and after downloading this game, you will glad to know it fulfill all your wishes. Every youngster and teenager fond of this game since childhood. This game is love for those action-themed lovers. 

It is one of the best open-world and third-person games with endless possibilities. I hope you will enjoy the review of the game, and after downloading, you will give a positive comment below if you are playing with any other version of write down in the comment below. It will honor us.


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