Download Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK(Unlimited Gems, Money)

Dragon mania legends mod APK is a heroic role play game where you find yourself on a mysterious island of Dragons, old reptile fire breathing creatures that can fly, run, and swim even This place is at consistent risk by the attack from the hordes of Vikings that may take over the island and defeat the reptiles here. The game’s goal will be to save the native island creatures from the attack and give them strength in different ways.

One has to do this using by training your reptiles in different ways, by small fights, learning techniques, and fighting with other fellows. Not just cross battle, the player had the opportunity to travel the island and collect the unique combinations and about more than 300 varieties of the reptiles. So the gamer’s main aim is to keep this creature safe and keep the island to their native owners.

Overview Information:

Game Name Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK
Android Version 4.4 and up
Category Simulation
Publisher Gameloft SE
Current Version v6.0.0i
Last Update 1 Day Ago
Size 98.9 MB
Downloads 50,000,000+

Like a real environment, the dinosaurs in the dragon mania legends mod app will keep reproducing and hatching the eggs. The gamer’s responsibility will also be to engage, take care of hatching, and keep an eye on the cute cubs just getting out from the eggs. They will need the extra care and extra requirement just like a newborn baby. In a short time, the chicks will grow up and will be muscular and strong.

The dragon mania legends mod APK game is established with more than three hundred dragon species, and 100 include winged dragons. They have a terrible look, and they are equipped with exceptional abilities. The gamer move also includes collecting various dragons with respective skills and then preparing your armory that makes them deadly and powerful even.

Features Of Dragon Mania Legends Mod APK:

A crucial part of the game

The toy contains more than a hundred species of winged dragons, which are very different from each other, having a diverse appearance and special abilities. Gamers can collect unique dragons, most formidable, powerful, hardcore, and very much impressive, to build a stand-alone army against the attackers.

So you have to build a community where you will apply a kind of housing and living scheme where you will perform comfortable constructions for the dragons. And make the most deadly probable pairs so that they can give birth to a most powerful and horrible offspring that will grow up and team with another similar capabilities partner to give birth to more deadly child magical beings. One day, they will become brave and invincible warriors.

 Interface and startup

At the first start of the game, you will find the game introduction to provide you the complete content information and knowledge about playing the game step by step. A catchy lady Arya will guide you entirely about it. At the very first start of the game, you will be provided by only two dragons and their respective habitats.

While you are breeding and training dragons, you will also rescue Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, who is known as a famous dragon expert since he will assist in taking care of young dragons and battle tasks. The Vikings will kidnap him. You will join Dr. Hogwin Hogvanhog, and you will reconstruct the Dragon Academy and start teaching the young dragons.

Although it looks very fantastic and exciting to incubate the eggs and wait for them to hatch the cute fancy small dragons, it also requires an investment of time and experience by the player to perform adequate research before breeding so that they could be able to hatch the right dragon and strengthen their army.

The main task will include developing a wonderful dragon kingdom that contains many excellent dragon varieties, then trains the little dragons to make them robust, unleash them, then make visits and exchange gifts just like a real community.


Doing all the requires a lot of effort. Players need to search for the feed, search for training, and find a wonderful and exciting breed. So player learns with an experience that which breed could be favorable for him.

Then, one needs a lot of hard work to train the dragons and be more chronic. So you need to explore all the dragon’s breeding and be an expert on a full-fledge combat system to win the game.

However, the shortcut could be achieved by downloading the MOD APK version file from this website, where things are straightforward as you can find unlimited feeding at home and suggestions on the game to find the right breeding choice.

You can find the library of free skills here where you can teach your baby dragons any required skill and master them by practicing with others.

The trick to Play Dragon Mania Legends

At the start, you will log in to the game and understand the basic features. The game may ask you to buy the VIP version of the game and buy the fury. Fury is named on a special kind of skill that is used for a perfect hit.

In the first shopping, you will get a fury for one-time use. And if you get any damage to the anger, it will equivalent damage to the whole team. You can make an effort to earn the gem.

With a specific amount of glory, you can buy 20 days of VIP access with some extra benefits. You can breed three dragon types at once, and it will save much effort and experience. After that, you have to choose the central dragon as a team leader and a secondary and tertiary option, level and level 5 dragon.

Multiplying the Golds& Rewards

Besides this, you can also do the gold plowing with small gold, you can build a fire habitat, and then with increasing gold, you can make a water habitat and void habitat. And you will always keep breeding the dragon. For this, you will choose the dragons having good energy metal and voids.

You may also clear an island but make sure to clean all gold from here before cleaning. You can plow the gold more quickly if you have a lot of friends. And that can be quickly done by visiting the random groups and check out their members’ lot and add all players. When you have more than 2000 friends, you will be rewarded with 100 gems a day. In this way, you can make progress and keep playing.


The Dragon mania legends mod APK is a survival game, where influensered aliens attack the land of Dragons. You being the player, have to manage the land of dragons. You have to breed the various kinds of dragons with specific peculiarities and combine their powers in their off springs to become chronic against their enemies. The APK file you will download here will provide you free access to the gold and money, and you will be able to apply the modifications free of cost.

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