Dragon City Mod APK Download v11.6.3 Unlimited(Money,Gems)

Dragon City Mod APK is an outstanding simulation game that can fully immerse you in the magical world of dragons. In this game, have the chance to create your city with live dragons instead of ordinary people. Additionally, you have the responsibility to take care of your city’s pets and feed them from eggs to adults. Indeed, if you make a stronger army, it can help you defeat other players. The game will please all dragon lovers because over a thousand distinctive players are waiting for them.

Introduction Dragon City Mod APK:

The trend of simulation games is now increasing gradually with vast speed day by day. Social point developers developed the games. When it was published, players criticize its graphics. The version you download from here is a Dragon City mod APK latest version with improved graphics and quality.

Presently, this game is installed on 100,000,000+ devices and still maintains an impressive 4.5 rating on google play. Eighty percent of ratings are positive. This game was launched on July 3, 2013, and fought a lot in its time of origin, but if we look at its statistics now, it has become one of the most popular android games.

Essentially, simulation games are created to simulate real-world or real-life activities, cursed closely with characters sometimes animated or other real-time. These things make simulation games everyone’s favorite as it shows the same memory as open-world games. If you are a simulation game plus dragons lover, you may check Dragon Village mod APK 


In dragon city mod APK, players have to raise their dragons and design the city on floating islands. Gold is the currency in your town, which you can exchange with farms to enhance your dragons’ level that increases strength depending on the dragon’s rare things, air dragon, and increase gold production. Breeding allows two dragons above level 4 to produce a hybrid dragon. Gems are recognized as the premium currency that can be collected through in-app purchases and use for others tasks.

Latest Features of Dragon City Mod APK:

When the visitor comes to download the game, he looks for features that exciting you get in this game. Dragon City games have some outstanding features. The following are explained below:

Unlimited Gems:

Gems are premium coins in this game. It is used to make a strong building for defense during wars. Also, with these unlimited, you can unlock some magical dragons and caged dragons. These all dragons have their different powers and abilities. You can find caged dragons one every location of the game. Use infinite gems breed than to make a more powerful dragon.

100s of Unique Dragons:

Dragon City game contains a massive variety of dragons with unique characteristics that can delight the players. But you have competition with 80M dragon masters around the world. Battle with the other warriors defeats them to get a new dragon.

I like in this mod version that you can use dragons according to the battle condition due. However, the dragon level system permits you to improve the character entirely, so breed and maintain the population.

Fight with other players:

To engage you more in the game Dragon City Mod APK allows you to create teams to combat with other warriors online. But you have to give your best and rely on your abilities because only you can select the element for the next attack and competently set the following strategy. Focus on the main strong and weak points of your enemy.

Unlimited Gold:

Gold is the primary and most used resource in the game. The most critical and working feature that helps you most in this mod version of the game is unlimited Gold. You can use this Gold for multiple shopping from the shop. It would be best if you had a lot of Gold to enhance the building’s space and habitats, as your dragon collection is increasing to feed them and for their living needs.

You will receive unlimited Gold on your account in this game, so you don’t need to worry about this. You can unlock various dragons using Gold, including dragons like Sea Dragon, Nature Dragon, and many others.

Graphics and Sound Quality:

All the scenery of the island and characters are evident due to 3D models and smooth anime. With this graphics quality, you drowned in the feelings of the game. One tip; use handsfree or something like that so you can feel or differentiate between the funny sounds of dragons. The sound quality is superb and ultra-clear.

PVP Battle:

Dragon city is a multiplayer online access game where you met with more than 80 million competitors. To beat them, you have to make your strategy strong, make your defense powerful, and use more muscular dragons—all you can do in Dragon City mod APK. Generally, PVP means player vs. battle. Now it’s time to select fierce monsters for your team and conquer the island.

Decorate your Yard:

If you want to make happy to your dragons, you have to decorate or make maximum cool your yard. From the shopping store, you can get dragon skins for special events.

Mod Features:

Dragon City MOD APK is a modified or hacked application developed to make your experience better. This game owns three types of coins: Gold, gems, and money, and earning all three of these coins is not easy. To help you get an unlimited amount of Gold gems, free money, and many other things is the primary purpose of this game to give you the maximum benefits. Other benefits that you can enjoy given below:

  • All Dragons are unlocked now.
  • Almost all areas are opened.
  • 100% safe to download.
  • Tested App.
  • Unlimited Food for All dragons.
  • Easy to install.
  • Compatible with Android device.
  • Auto-sync with the game.
  • Auto Update.

How to Download/Install dragon City mod APK?

Downloading Dragon City Mod APK is not too tricky, but we tried to make everything easy forever respected visitors. This guide may help you to download this third-party hacked APK file.

  • Click on the download button Above.
  • Wait until the file is completely installed.
  • After downloading, go to settings enable all the permissions to “Allow.”
  • Follow the instructions and install.
  • Tap to the game icon and enjoy.


Dragon City Mod APK 2021 is the best simulation strategic action game you ever played. Many amazing creatures, unique features of eye-catching islands are waiting for you in this game. It’s a pleasure for me that we are at the last lines of the article. I hope you will love this mod, and if you any difficulty related to this game, including downloading or anything else, you can write in the comment below. Give a thumb kiss to the download button and enjoy this game.



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