Cluedo Mod APK Download v2.7.7 Features(Paid Content. All Data)

There is a wide variety of games in the play store with respective genres. The significant categories include action, racing, soccer, cricket, and some types. It’s not essential that everyone find just these genres best for their time spending—some people story-based gameplay with strategies.

Cluedo MOD APK has excellent gameplay based on a detective story. It’s a logical quest. In the game, the Player has to involve in the investigation of blind murder. Focusing on present information in the surrounding, you have to raise questions in your mind and guess the past. One of the most important things to learn is the game rules.

Games rules are the key to learn and sort out the game stages. You can’t predict every outcome because every decision and action will open a new drama for you. The game cards are vital elements that give the Player a different skill and help you move in a separate room. So you should have many cards to help you out in a long story. You can use the logic-assisted virtual cheat sheet for taking notes and avoid the wrong leads. In the end, when you reach a maniac, you transfer it to law enforcement agencies and police.

Game Play Cluedo MOD APK

The Cluedo MOD APK involves a story, Mr. Boddy has been murdered, leaving some open questions, who murdered him, what weapon the murdered used? In which room the incident happened ? from where the suspect has arrived? You can roll the dice and ask questions like, “was it miss Scarlet ?”, “did it happened with a rope ?”. an innovative logic will provide you assisted virtual clue sheet. You can add the notes here, and you can remove the red rings. And thus, you can come close to the solution of the case. To sort out the most suggested way is to follow the clue one after the other and get close to the murder. The difficulty level can be adjusted up to your fantasy choice .After managing all the difficulties, I am sure you can conquer Endless Frontier – Online Idle RPG Game Mod APK.

The classic murder mystery game on board is a perfect choice to train your mind and improve it for deduction skills. You can find the solution each time and familiarize yourself with a tantalizing riddle.

Key features Cluedo MOD APK:

Without knowing the game’s key elements, you can’t just understand the beauty of the game. Here we are adding some key features of that game that make it more exciting and fantastic.

Mystery board game:

Since the game is based on a detective story so it’s a mystery. Every move in the game is uncertain. With a brilliant and sharp mind, you can make things clear and straightforward for you. You have to see the clues on the board and sort the puzzle.

Play with friends and family:

One of the quality features in the game include the room. You can play the game as a team as well by adding your friends to the game. So you can look at the clues with a combined thought and add more thrill and fantasy to the game.

Premium Board game:

In the basic game, you may see the fussy online ads that may negatively experience you. You might get sick with the ads. Imagine you are playing the game and looking on the board of a sudden, you see a movie clip on screen in the form of an advertisement. And you can’t just skip it or cancel it. You have to watch the complete ads in the basic version of the game. You can get rid of this by purchasing the premium version, where you find no ad, no pop-ups, simple, straightforward, and classy fun.

Single Player:

While playing the game as a single-player, you have to play against the computer AI. You may choose your difficulty level, which could be essential, medium, or hard. Depending upon your skill, you can add fantasy to the game by selecting these respective levels.


As multi Player, you can play the game with people all over the as random. Or If you want, you can create a room for yourself and your family or friends. You can add them to your room and play as a team against the computer AI. You can imagine how much fun it could be for you.


There are ten extra theme options in the game. You can make the overview look of the game according to your choice using these theme options. This means you can decorate the game board according to your mindset and make your experience more unique for you. You can make a Sherlock Holmes view or Egyptian Adventure with the clue season pass.

MOD APK Features:

Usually, the Cluedo mod version you will download from the play store will not be premium, and you may face several irritations while playing the game. However, the version of Cluedo you will download here will be the modified version of cluedo, and it will give you the premium features for free. Here are the mod apk features.

  • Unlimited cards (kind of coin that is used for up-gradation of skills).
  • Unlocking all premium features.
  • Getting rid of ads.
  • Cracking all levels.
  • Huge fun.
  • Fixation of all multiplayer bugs.

How to download and install?

Although the installation procedure is not straightforward, our step-by-step guide will make it easy for you. Those are the steps you need to follow while installing the Cluedo mod.

  • Click on our download link, and it will save an exe file in your download folder.
  • Remove playstore version of Cluedo mod.
  • Open file manager and find the downloaded file to install.
  • Click to install. It will prompt to allow installation from unauthenticated sources.
  • Click on allow to install the app.
  • If you find the OBB file inside, copy the OBB file to sdcard/android/obb (if it’s already present, no need of copying)
  • Go to the home screen and play the game.


Cluedo MOD APK is a detective story-based fascinating board game where you have to follow a murder case and sort it out. You will find a situation where the main character gets murder in a house. Any of the guests does the murder; you need to see the problem with all attention and find where, how, and why the murder happened. You need to gather evidence to sort out the case.

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