AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK Download v5.5.0 Unlimited(PREMIUM,NO ADS)

Whenever you plan to buy a new phone, you look for a smooth running phone and run every application for this you must have AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK by AVG Mobile. So that you don’t face any problem while doing any task or running a heavy android application. You will be surprised to hear that you can boost your old android mobile performance by installing a suitable application that clears its junk files and makes space in the ram.

If you try to do this manually by searching out the raw files and deleting them, it would be an incredible mess. Guess searching out each directory finding the unnecessary files, and removing them. This would not just take your time but also cause a lot of headaches for you.

About AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK:

Here we came with an easy solution for you. You need to install AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK at Play store, free application on your android, and it will automatically find the junk files, raw applications, unnecessary and unused files. Files you didn’t open for a long time and anything occupying the space without any vital function. This will show all such files in its application home screen and let you know with a prompt notification to decide the files you want to keep or delete. After that, your cell phone is secured; get yourself to download OkCupid-The Online Dating MOD APK to match loveable people.

You have to take the overview of the notified files and select the files you want to delete. And remove them with a single click. A free ram and space will put lower pressure on your mobile GPU and boost its performance.

What you will get in the MOD version?

  • Adds free version.
  • Unlocking all the premium feature.
  • No sickness of promo page.
  • Disabling all promo apps and features that make you sick while using the apps.
  • They are removing unwanted permissions or any receivers and ads services.
  • Disabled crashlytics.
  • A compatible version of AOSP.

Key Features AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK:

We can’t understand the main functionalities of any application without knowing its key features. Here are some significant features of Avg cleaner mod apk.

Removing the default applications:

Sometimes your mobile comes with some default applications. Those are third-party applications but are most recommended due to their functionality, so the company allows their installation. But if your ram space shortens because of your usage avg cleaner will monitor the unused apps and remove any unnecessary default applications.

Clearing the gallery:

While using social media, most of the time, we don’t know how some heavy photos and videos get downloaded. With time we forget about these heavy files. This may also happen that you have downloaded the duplicate files 4-5 times. AVG cleaner will make the space by kicking out these junks.

Boosting the performance:

Avg cleaner critically monitors the apps that are slowing down the device and uses its feature RAM cleaner to detect the new cache and junk files to delete them permanently from the device to increase the health of GPU.

Hibernate apps:

Many times we forget to close the application if we need to switch the app while using it. We may fail to kill them. These apps keep running in the background and keep using the ram and battery. In this case, avg cleaner pro apk helps you out by hibernating all such apps to resume it whenever you came back.

Longer Battery life:

When there are background running applications, these will automatically consume the battery drastically and lower its life. However, if your cleaner is automatically stopping the background applications and deleting the junk files, this will auto boost your battery life.

System information:

As you open the app’s home screen, you will see all the system information beautifully summarized on the net. You can click on the icons to start any process.

Smart file manager:

Avg cleaner comes up with an intelligent file manager and storage cleaner. The sole purpose of this feature is to keep analyzing the pictures, videos and pdfs and precisely order them to maximize the device’s performance and boost up its functionality.

Junk cleaner:

Any file that is not being used and just occupying the storage is called the junk file. This app will automatically clean any junk present on your device. It could be a mobile cache or any app data.

Memory manager: 

You can manage and clean the memory as suggested by avg cleaner. This uses a rational linkage between apps and the amount of ram to offer the apps that should be deleted. Also, if you find any harmful application or virus in your mobile, avg cleaner will take care of that. Any most data-consuming app will completely be halted from your device.

Scheduling the cleans:

This is one of the fantastic features present in AVG cleaner. If you are busy and not ready to delete any app, you can schedule its cleaning process. An alarm or auto reminder will help you clean the ram without forgetting to delete it.

How to download and install AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK?

Although the download process is not simple, our step-by-step guide will make it simple for you. You have to follow the given steps

Step 1.

First of all, you have to remove any previously installed version of avg cleaner on your mobile device. This is important so that it may not affect any other installation.

Step 2.

Click on the download link to download the application file. This will save an exe file in your download folder. if you are using it on the computer, you have to see the downloads/program directory

Step 3.

Click on the application file to install it on your device. It will not start the installation automatically; instead, it will prompt you to install unknown sources.

Step 4.

Go to the setting > security > applications> allow installation from unknown sources.

Step 5.

Try to reinstall the file, and it will run automatically and install the file into your device.

Step 6.

Run the app and enjoy the features 


While using android, you face memory depletion more probable because of unnecessary files on your computer. It’s hard to find and delete them one by one; however, this could be super simple if you install AVG Cleaner – Junk Cleaner,Memory & RAM Booster Pro APK into your device. Our mod version will make life comfortable for you.

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